Roles and responsibilities

The Building Safety Act 2022 identifies new roles and responsibilities for people and organisations who are responsible for the safety of high-rise residential buildings in England – accountable persons and the principal accountable person.

These responsibilities include registering high-rise residential buildings with the Building Safety Regulator.

It is the principal accountable person who will be required to register high-rise buildings.

You can read detailed guidance to help you understand the legal duties of accountable persons and principal accountable persons for high-rise residential buildings.

What is an accountable person?

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Accountable persons

Accountable persons are the organisation or person who owns or are accountable for the building. Accountable persons are legally responsible for repairing or maintaining common parts of a building, for example, the exterior and structure, corridors or lobbies.

Principal accountable persons must register high-rise residential buildings

If a building has more than one accountable person, the accountable person who owns the building, or is legally responsible for the structure and exterior of the building will be the principal accountable person.

When buildings have a single accountable person, that organisation or person is also the principal accountable person.

As well as their duties as an accountable person, the principal accountable person must:

  • register existing high-rise buildings with the Building Safety Regulator
  • register all new buildings and receive a completion certificate before they are lived in

To learn more about the role and responsibilities of accountable persons and principal accountable persons visit our dedicated AP and PAP page.

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