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Register a high-rise residential building

It is a legal requirement to register high-rise residential buildings that are at least 7 floors high, or 18 metres tall or higher, with two or more residential units.

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The fee to register each building is £251.

If you are the principal accountable person for your building or have been authorised to complete registration on their behalf, you can begin your application.  

Apply to register a high-rise residential building 

Did you know?

We’ve produced a page specifically to answer some of the common questions we’ve received about building registration. Click the ‘Did you know?’ link above to see if you know the answers.

Did you know?

Before you start your application

Please read further guidance on applying to register a high-rise residential building and begin to prepare the information you will need. This includes:

  • the number of floors at or above ground level 
  • its height in metres
  • the number of residential units
  • the year it was originally built
  • its address or addresses

We’ll also ask you about the principal accountable person and any other accountable persons. 

Registering high-rise residential buildings

Structure and safety information

As part of your application, you are required to provide information about your building’s structure and safety.

There is no additional fee for submitting the structure and safety information.

What happens next

Once you have paid and submitted your registration application, the Building Safety Regulator will review the details so that it can be satisfied the building should appear in the register.  

We may contact you for more information, or if we think the building does not need to be registered.  The information you have provided during registration will help you when you start to assess the building’s risks as part of your safety case report. It will also be used by the Building Safety Regulator to help it prioritise buildings for the building assessment certificate process from April 2024.

Further guidance

Applying to register a high-rise residential building

Safety in high-rise residential buildings: Accountable persons

Apply to register your building