Making buildings safer

The Building Safety Act 2022 brings in new roles and responsibilities to make high-rise residential buildings in England safer. Be ready for these changes so you can play your part.

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Be ready for the Building Safety Regulator

The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) will regulate high-rise residential buildings in England. Registration for these buildings opens in April 2023.

High-rise residential buildings are defined as 18 metres tall or higher, or at least 7 floors tall, and must contain 2 or more residential units.

Principal accountable persons must register high-rise buildings. We’re here to help you prepare.

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Prepare to register your building

Find out about the vital role accountable persons and principal accountable persons play in making high-rise residential buildings safer.

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Find out how to register your building

High-rise building registration opens in April 2023. Sign up for information to help you prepare to register.