Video transcript: Regulating the building control profession

Building control is becoming a regulated profession.

From April 2024 Building Control Professionals will have to demonstrate their competence and register with the Building Safety Regulator to perform building control work in England.

The building control profession is not just a job; it’s a vital role in ensuring the safety, integrity, and quality of our built environment. The Building Safety Regulator has set rigorous standards that all inspectors must meet. This means that every individual practicing in this field will be held to the same high bar, guaranteeing a consistent level of competence and code of conduct across the board.

From 1 April 2024 it will be an offence to carry out restricted building control activities if you are not a registered building inspector.

There are several classes of registration, which enable a registered building inspector to work on different types of building. Please read the guidance about classes to decide which one to apply for.

Class 1 has no competency criteria. To be registered at any other class, you must use one of BSR’s authorised schemes to independently certify your competence. After you pass an assessment from your chosen provider you will be given a unique certificate number. You will need to provide this number to BSR during your registration to complete the process.

Details of all the authorised competency assessment schemes are available on our website, and in the guidance for registration.

At the start of the process there are links to detailed guidance on registering as a building inspector, how the legislation defines the building inspector role as well as links to the code of conduct that you will be held to by the regulator once you become registered.

When you start your application, we will ask for your email address and mobile phone number. Once these have been verified, you will be able to save the application process and come back later to complete it, if you need to.

We will ask you for personal details including

  •  the class of building inspector you are applying to register as
  • the details of your independent competency assessment
  • your current employment status
  • and details of any professional body memberships

It is not necessary to be a member of a professional body in order to be a registered building inspector.

Please note your name will be published in the public register and you will be asked to confirm that you will abide by the code of conduct for registered building inspectors.

Becoming a registered building inspector is a commitment to public safety. We all rely on the expertise and diligence of inspectors to make certain that buildings are constructed and maintained to rigorous standards of safety and quality. Together we are not only raising the bar for individual inspectors – we’re also bolstering public confidence in the profession.