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Stakeholder resources and information

On this page you can find useful, shareable content designed to bring to life important detail and information about the new building safety regime.

We will publish resources including case studies, templates and toolkits as well as shareable email banners, social graphics and factsheets, which can be downloaded and used by organisations at events and on your own channels.

Content is currently under development as we work with stakeholders and partners to understand what kind of resources would be most useful.

If you have ideas or suggestions for content you would like to see on this page please email BSR-Communications@hse.gov.uk

BSR conference sessions

BSR webinars

Planning Gateway One Insights webinars

Hosted by Mark Wilson, HSE’s Operational Lead for Policy and Planning Gateway One (PGO).

An excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the PGO process and learn about best practice.

June webinar and Q&A
November webinar and Q&A

Mark Wilson, HSE’s operational policy lead on Planning Gateway One

Building Control Insights webinar

Jenny Hagan, Senior Policy Advisor for Gateways and Building Control explains the new building control regime and the Building Safety Regulator’s role as the Building Control Authority for high-rise buildings in England.

Image of Jenny Hagan wearing a headset in front of a teal high-rise building in a halftone pattern

Registered Building Control Approvers webinar

The October ‘Registered Building Control Approvers’ webinar hosted by Sandra Ashcroft, HSE’s Competence Workstream Lead.

Sandra Ashcroft in front of a blue high-rise building in a halftone pattern

Building Assessment Certification overview webinar

Building Assessment Certification overview webinars hosted by Andrew Saunders

29th September webinar and Q&A
15th November webinar and Q&A

Andrew Saunders in front of a blue high-rise building in a halftone pattern

Applying to register a high-rise building webinars

Applying to register a high-rise building webinars

6th September webinar and Q&A
14th September webinar and Q&A

Sandra Tomlinson beside a blue high-rise building in a halftone pattern

Updates from the Building Safety Regulator

Keep up to date with the new regulator with our e-bulletin.