Building Control Insights webinar

To provide more understanding on all aspects of building control for high-rise buildings, we recently hosted a free ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinar event which is now available to view on demand.

Three people working together at a computer screen

Our recent ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinar event aimed at providing key insights about the new building control regime, featured an insightful discussion and presentation by Colin Blatchford-Brown, Operational Policy lead for Gateways and Building Control and Jenny Hagan, Senior Policy Advisor for Gateways and Building Control. The session provided guidance on what this will involve, and also included a Q&A, with a diverse range of interesting questions from delegates.

The live event was recorded, so if you were on the waiting list or unable to attend this very popular session, the good news is that you can view the video on our YouTube channel

If you did not sign-up in time for the event, you are still able to register. You can then watch the video at your leisure and also download the presentation slides.